Friday, March 30, 2007

Well, Grand Chancellor Supreme Emperor King Douche Bag has done it again. That’s right, we all know that the vast majority of the American people as well as their elected officials in our glorious bicameral congress disapprove of the US’s illegal occupation of Iraq. We also know that the prep school punk who somehow managed to land himself in that high office with no corners doesn’t give two shits what America thinks. He’s the decider. Yesterday the Senate passed a bill (that’s right, not a non-binding resolution) requiring Geedub to pull his dick out of that Middle Eastern desert. Yeah, I know — the Senate. Can you believe it? Said bill will undoubtedly pass in the house — or at least their similar bill will be reconciled with it. Or something to that end. So our leader (shiver) has declared that if that bill crosses his desk, he will veto it. Of course we shouldn’t be shocked — he’s the highest ranking American that doesn’t truly love America.

Let’s veer off into a tangent for a moment shall we so I can explain that last comment. He and the chicken hawks on the right declare that if you are against the war then you don’t “support our troops.” What malarkey. “Support our troops?” It seems odd to me that those in favor of an unjustified occupation get to choose their own definition of "support." You can, in fact, support the troops and not support the war. You see, the troops are not the war — the troops are the people and the war is the mission. And contrary to what you might be told, there is no dishonor in not supporting (or even abandoning) a mission if it isn't in best interest of the country or even the world. Anyone who tells you different is, ironically, unpatriotic.

Anyway, back to my original point. The Senate passed a bill that basically says ‘let’s get the fuck outta there’ and Knucklehead threatens a veto. Now that’s gall. Here’s what I say, if he wants to make threats of a veto, let’s threaten him with impeachment. I’m not kidding. Two Presidents of this great nation have been impeached for misdoings substantially less egregious than his. Let’s stop putting up with this nonsense before it’s too late. What do you think?

Okay, so about yesterday. (Again I’m off on a tangent but cut me some slack, I’ve been away for a while and I’m a bit anxious.) After the vote there was the usual display of posturing for the press. Majority Leader Harry Reid did his part by declaring: "We have fulfilled our constitutional responsibilities (If Bush) doesn't sign the bill, it's his responsibility." That’s pretty bold for sleepy-eyed Harry but the comment that stands out the most to me was Alabama Republicrat Richard Shelby who said: "Surely this will embolden the enemy and it will not help our troops in any way." Now this tripe is nothing new, of course. It’s a one-two punch taken straight from the right-wing crib sheet. And like most of their rhetoric, it’s complete nonsense. First of all, withdrawing from Iraq will not embolden our enemies. Period. What they want is for us to not play in their sandbox. I know that’s hard for some to grasp but it’s true. Just ask them. “You want us here?” “Fuck no.” And the second half of that line is also cow shit: “ will not help our troops in any way." Are you yankin’ my crank? The best way to help them is to not have them within close proximity to a road-side bomb on the other side of the planet.

One more thing. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino spewed some drivel too when she said: "I think the founders of our nation had great foresight in realizing that it would be better to have one commander in chief managing a war, rather than 535 generals on Capitol Hill trying to do the same thing, they're mandating failure here." Can I get a “LOL?” Mandating failure? Really? Do ya mean it? Again, The Prez and his minions from Bizzaro World have got it completely wrong. You see, we’ve already failed. It’s too late for that. What they are mandating is a recovery from failure.